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  • Inaugural TPCA International Junior Cricket Tournament
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About TPCA

TPCA - a pioneering club with a prestigious history

TPCA are offering to be sporting pioneers to help bring pride and prestige back to the local community, and are prepared to act as role models for a potential regeneration of grass roots sporting associations in Malaysia.

Values & principles linking sport with good citizenship

  • Our Motto 'A sound mind in a sound body'
  • Club Aims To develop a high sense of citizenship & love of service
  • To stimulate fellowship amongst members of all races

Innovators in sport throughout the 20th century

  • First multi-purpose stadium in Malaysia
  • First association with open membership
  • First association with ladies section

Serving the nation for 90 years

  • Produced club, state and national sportspeople, as well as international sportsmen, coaches, officials and administrators of sports bodies.
  • Organized and hosted national and international events.

Unparalleled success in grass-roots development

  • Acknowledged pioneers of soccer in Malaysia
  • In-depth strength in cricket, hockey, tennis, netball and table tennis.
  • Consistent track record of developing players, administrators, officials and coaches.

Committed to 'Malaysia Cergas' concept

  • Membership spans 6 decades
  • Open to all policy
  • Affordable membership fees offering wide access to underprivileged of society in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley

Youth training programmes will be key to future success

  • Our Association is for the playing and participating mass
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities & Youth Organisations will benefit
  • Senior Citizens offer unique knowledge for youth development
  • Ladies involvement essential for a thriving club
  • The disabled community are part of our community
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